HR strategic consultancy

This service is aimed to help our clients with the so called „day to-day“ personal issues, so you will spare your time, costs and necessary energy on reaching your core business goals

- professional HR consultancy in the area of remuneration and elaboration of KPIs and bonus system for a client (benefits & compensation administration). Benchmarking within competitive industries

- strategic HR management – HR strategies, organizational structures` optimization, training & development, performance management

- conceptual HR management – description of positions, definition of competencies, KPIs and requirements for a given profile, project & contract staff

- executive outplacement

- adaptation process (certain types of persons consider the change of employment and the adaptation to new work and social environment to be a very demanding process. To provide smooth adaptation process to your new employees, we are prepared to stay in contact with an employee for such a long time as it is requested.

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